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Safety In Action tradeshow to thrive amidst downturn

The Safety In Action and Melbourne Materials Handling trade shows are expected to draw 10,000 or more visitors when they return to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 31st March to 2nd April.

The two trade shows will present hundreds of suppliers of occupational health and safety (OHS) and materials handling products and services — as diverse as asbestos removal and corporate wellness programs — spanning three acres.

Safety In Action and Melbourne Materials Handling are expected to remain buoyant after their northern counterpart, The Safety Show Sydney, drew 10,276 visitors over three days in October as the credit crisis unfolded.

Organiser of Safety In Action, Australian Exhibitions & Conferences’ Marie Kinsella said the strong attendance figures proved business owners would continue to prioritise the safety of their people.

“Aside from meeting your obligations, workplace safety and materials handling allows people to be more productive. Maintaining morale and increasing efficiency is even more critical in tough conditions and Australian businesses are not throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” she said.

In fact, many companies are increasing their investment in safety, said OHS consulting company Noel Arnold & Associates managing director, Andrew Meerman.

“Safety is a proven way to improve business performance and several of our clients who are under considerable commercial pressure have not only maintained but lifted their prevention efforts,” he said.

“A number of Noel Arnold clients have achieved dramatic falls in injuries in the order of 20, 30 and 40 per cent and workers compensation costs are very sensitive to claims performance. The rule of thumb is that every dollar spent on a claim brings another three dollars of workers compensation premium costs that carry on for three years, so it makes very good sense from a purely financial standpoint.”

“Clever employers are also using prevention programs to better engage with their workforce. It’s an excellent basis for managers and leaders to drive positive culture in tough times.”

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