Safer multi sized rapidly deployed pipeline stoppers released by Air Springs

Air Springs Supply announces the release of a new range of rapidly deployed multi-sized Vari-Plug inflatable pipeline stoppers from Pronal.

Designed for rapid and safe deployment in the testing and maintenance of concrete, steel and cast iron pipes used throughout industry, the cost-effective Pronal Vari-Plug inflatable pipe stoppers – each of which can fit several pipe diameters between 45mm and 1200mm – feature flexible and strong vulcanised construction that moulds into the inside circumference of pipelines as the stoppers are pressurised, providing complete tightness and high safety thanks to large contact areas and circumferential rings.

Also available with bypass so that pipelines can remain functional during maintenance and testing, Vari-Plugs offer wide compatibility with most pipe contents and come in weights and shapes that allow rapid deployment for tasks such as intervention to prevent leaks; repair of pipeline sections; tests of seals; air tests; and downstream repair with continuous flow.

The latest range of Vari-Plugs builds on the successful application of complementary ranges of Pronal stoppers in Australia by national companies concerned about spills of potentially hazardous or harmful liquids. Increasing volumes have reduced costs and boosted cost-competitiveness, says Air Springs Supply National Marketing Manager Mr James Maslin.

Pronal stoppers are used for maintenance, testing and emergency tasks in applications as diverse as oil and gas delivery, industrial and municipal water and waste water, and pollution prevention in mining, energy and industrial projects where sealing and testing operations need to be conducted not only with complete safety and environmental security, but also with considerable speed, to maintain flows of liquids and gases.

According to Mr Maslin, inflatable stoppers have for years, provided professionals in many different industries with the ability to do their jobs both safely and effectively. When water flow needs to be stopped to resolve any situation, inflatable stoppers are easily the most efficient solution as they can create an airtight seal within the pipe. Additionally, they can also be used to test air and water pressure, locate leaks, and even allow injection of chemicals into a pipeline without a hazardous backup.

Purpose built and designed for multi sized pipe stopper applications, Vari-Plug inflatable pipeline stoppers feature inflation pressure of 2.5 bar and back pressure capability of 1 bar (10m water column equivalent). Just four models are required for example, to plug pipes ranging from 200mm to 1200mm with the smallest weighing just half a kilogram and the greater part of the range weighing from 0.9kg to 19kg for easy handling and rapid insertion. Even the larger models fitting pipes up to 1200mm weigh less than 70kg.

Pronal stoppers, exclusively distributed in Australia by Air Springs Supply were most recently put into service by national food and beverage, defence manufacturing and chemical processing companies.

Pronal produces inflatable stoppers for varying applications with the range including inspection stoppers, joint testing stoppers, anti pollution stoppers, medium and high pressure stoppers for offshore use and self-contained stoppers for hazardous and nuclear use.

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