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SA to trial distributed residential energy storage system

US-based Enphase Energy has announced that South Australian electricity distribution network, SA Power Networks, will work with the company to conduct distributed residential energy storage trials for the Enphase Storage System that includes the Enphase AC Battery, a scalable, modular energy storage system that seamlessly integrates with the Enphase Home Energy Solution.
SA Power Networks is the sole operator and manager of South Australia’s distribution network, which has a high residential solar penetration of about 25 percent, making it the perfect testing ground for the Enphase Storage System.
“Enphase is delighted to be working with SA Power Networks for our inaugural trial with a large-scale utility provider in Australia,” said Greg Wolfson, storage product line director at Enphase. 

“As we prepare for the launch of the Enphase Home Energy Solution in Australia, these trials will help us gain insights into how energy storage can help utility providers improve their load management and develop business models for residential energy storage.”
“Ensuring grid stability is one of the most significant issues to address with solar power increasing its penetration into the electricity grid in Australia,” said Nathan Dunn, managing director for Enphase Energy Asia-Pacific. 

“The introduction of energy storage on the grid will provide greater stability, which is a win for both service providers and residential customers.”

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