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RVO Enterprises Pty Ltd

RVO CIPIS Inverter Station System

Kingsgrove, NSW

An Australian company committed to providing the global food manufacturing sector with advanced raw ingredient loading technologies is RVO Enterprises. Based in Sydney, the company has a long history of providing the sector with a range of advanced food production technologies.

Designed to minimise ingredient handling and waste, the company developed an innovative raw-ingredient loading and delivery system, featuring drive technology from solutions provider, SEW-Eurodrive. The new food processing technology allows dry ingredients to be transferred from a collapsible intermediate bulk container (IBC) directly to the manufacturing process – the collapsible IBC process integration system (CIPIS). The RVO Enterprises CIPIS system comprises two separate machines – the RVO inverter station and the MATCON discharge station. The RVO inverter station’s motion processes rely on precision electronic drive control and motor technology from SEW-Eurodrive.

The inverter station features the latest in bulk materials handling systems, underpinned by precision pneumatic equipment and advanced motor and drive technologies. Compact by design, the inverter station enables the fast-track transfer of raw product from an IBC to a product-delivery hopper in even the most space-limited food manufacturing plant.

According to RVO Enterprises, the development of the RVO CIPIS system was driven by ‘lean manufacturing’ principles. More specifically, the inverter and loading stations were engineered to produce a complete loading system that minimises the seven sources of waste detailed in the lean manufacturing principles. These include over production, inventory, conveyance, correction, motion, processing and waiting.

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