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Ruggedised VPN Firewall for use in harsh environments

Allied Telesis has announced the availability of the AT-AR2010V compact VPN firewall. Developed specifically for secure communications applications where a small form factor is highly desirable—such as traffic control, video surveillance, vending, ticketing, and remote telemetry.

The AT-AR2010V is capable of encrypted throughput in excess of 400Mbps. When combined with an integrated DPI firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS), this high throughput ensures that high-speed machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and control is secure from attack or eavesdropping.

In addition, features like optional 3G/4G connectivity, AC or hard-wired DC power, and a rugged compact design make the AT-AR2010V ideal for situations where mains power or wired network connections may not be available.

The AT-AR2010V is compatible with Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF), a powerful network management tool that provides centralised management and zero-touch installation and recovery of deployed devices.

AMF reduces the need for manual intervention for both routine and urgent maintenance tasks, reducing both network downtime and running costs.

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