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Rugged Switch Line

Crystal Rugged has recently introduced the RCS6450-12 & RCS6450-24 Rugged Crystal Switches based on the Brocade intelligent, scalable edge switch line. 

The ruggedised switches are designed for small and medium size applications with improved cooling, shock, vibration, and humidity performance designed.

The ruggedised switches operate in harsh environments where size, weight, and power limitations are a concern. Weighing between 4.3-4.5kg dependent on supply configuration requirements, the 30.48cm depth units offer fixed mounted or Delrin Glides mounting on standard EIA-310 racks.

The RCS6450-12/24 is also cooled with forced air convection via internal high reliability long life fans. This compact, lightweight unit offers full Layer 3 routing, LLDP-MED plug and play operations, as well as availability in MIL-CIRC I/O or gigabit Ethernet standard connectors.

Both the 12 port and the 24 port units are available with a standard 120/240VAC COTS power supply and front or rear I/O options, a single 120/240VAC EMI compliant power supply, an 18-36VDC EMI compliant power supply or a combination of AC or DC supply modules in a 1+1 configuration.

Crystal Group’s RCS6450-12 Rugged Crystal Switch is suitable for uncontrolled environments found in military and industrial applications.

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