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Rugged single board computers offer more processing power, bandwidth and security

Metromatics presents a new range of rugged single board computers from GE Intelligent Platforms designed to perform in harsh environments.

The new SBC626 rugged 6U VPX single board computer (SBC) features the latest quad-core 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor (‘Haswell’) to provide excellent performance per watt while helping to minimise size, weight and power (SWaP) in deployed subsystems, making it ideal for constrained environments such as manned- and unmanned vehicles.

The fourth product incorporating Intel’s latest processor to be announced by GE Intelligent Platforms, the new SBC626 joins a range that includes 3U and 6U platforms featuring VME as well as VPX.

The SBC626 single board computers deliver enhanced processor performance, improved graphics performance, superior connectivity and upgraded security within the same power envelope as previous generations of GE’s SBC family, enabling the new SBCs to address existing command/control applications as well as more demanding signal processing requirements such as ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), sonar and radar in addition to demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Being form, fit and function compatible with earlier models, the SBC626 will also be preferred by existing customers as it provides a straightforward, cost-effective technology insertion opportunity that will enable customer systems to benefit from Intel’s newest processors.

With the SBC626, customers have the advantage of more processing power, bandwidth and graphics capability that will require fewer slots to be used and potentially make an important contribution to reducing size, weight and power.

The optional Security Hub FPGA in the SBC626 combines a mix of passive and active features to allow customers to develop a robust on-board anti-tamper capability.

The 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor’s support of PCI Express Gen3 technology and USB3.0 provides even greater bandwidth for on-board and off-board connectivity, facilitating the high bandwidths required by today’s applications. The high performance PCI Express interface makes the new SBCs ideal hosts to drive GE’s GPGPU boards, such as the IPN251 and NPN240.

The SBC626 provides support for AXIS, GE’s Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment, which is designed to significantly reduce the complexity, time and cost of developing sophisticated applications.

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