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Rugged Firewall & Router

Backplane Systems Technology has announced MPL’s range of Firewall/Router products specifically designed for industrial and defence applications where security, quality, reliability, low power consumption, and long-term availability are key. 

Possible applications, just to name a few, are in remote monitoring & maintenance, secure communication in automation, defence etc. The main features are wide power supply 8-36VDC, fanless operation, Operating Temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ45, M12, D38999 or Fiber), Open Frame, Standard, or MIL housing up to IP67 (wall / flange / rack mounting). Optional integration of managed switch (copper or fiber), mPCIe port for WLAN, GPRS, long-term availability, EN50155 Class Tx (+85°C) certified.

Specially designed housings allow operation in harsh environments without fans or ventilation holes, plus they can be easily mounted on a 35mm DIN rail or wall. The compact housing (CEC housing 62x120x162mm), offers sufficient space to add for example a MAGBES (Managed Gigabit Switch) and/or SSD/HDD. MIL SPEC housings are available as an option.

MPL’s capability to offer copper ports as well as SFP ports for various fibre optical solutions make the product universal. The internal mini PCIe slot, allows various extensions such as WLAN or GPRS. In addition, the unit provides an external available USB connector and a microSD Memory Card Slot, allowing easy logging and/or configuration capabilities.

These products can be customised with an optional backplane, which makes additional interfaces available and can be supplied pre-installed with an adapted version of OpenWRT ( 

This Linux based embedded distribution provides all functionality required for operation as IPV4 and/or IPV6 firewall and router. Most of the configuration of the firmware installed can be done using a web-based interface. For more specialised requirements, a console based configuration utility is available.

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