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RS extends industrial automation portfolio with compact and competitively priced motor drives

The Eaton PowerXL DE1 series variable speed motor
starter/controllers are now available from RS Components (RS), the trading
brand of Electrocomponents plc.

Offering a simple menu-free setup for electricians with no previous
automation experience, the new compact drives are available at competitive prices.
Eaton PowerXL DE1 controllers combine the economy and simplicity of a starter
or contactor with the features of a variable speed drive to help save energy
and meet increasingly strict regulations governing motor efficiency.

Designed for easy operation, the controller allows motor speed,
acceleration and deceleration to be set by simply adjusting switch positions on
the small plug-in parameter loader, DXE-EXT-SET using a screwdriver. A status
LED and a 50Hz/60Hz selector switch have been provided to optimise the drive
for use in markets worldwide.

Key features of Eaton PowerXL DE1 series variable speed motor
drives include module dimensions of just 231mm high, and 45mm or 90mm wide
depending on power rating, consistent with Eaton PKZM motor-protection modules
and DILM wiring modules; module size helping equipment designers achieve a neat
and attractive front-panel layout; IP20 rated enclosures; and support for OP-Bus
(RS-485) and Modbus communication.

The series comprises of 0.25kW, 0.55kW and 0.75kW single-phase units and
11 three-phase options from 0.37kW to 7.5kW. Eaton PowerXL DE1 series variable speed motor
drives can be used in a wide variety of pumps, fans, conveyors and simple
machines for handling, packaging and process control applications.

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