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RS Components introduces FlexiPay+ to their ANZ customers


RS Components have introduced FlexiPay+: a rent to own platform that will be available to selected customers across AUS & NZ. This solution will allow approved businesses to access a huge range of products from leading global suppliers.

The introduction of FlexiPay+ is due to a recognition that there are customers who are seeking to expand or facing capital expenditure pressures; and are often faced with increased demand, but cannot purchase equipment due to cash constraints associated with this growth.

RS Components are seeking to help shift their customers’ capital expenses into their operating expenses: allowing customers to access necessary equipment without the initial upfront costs.This facility is another aspect of RS Components evolution to a strategic partner that supplies solutions alongside their extensive product range.

FlexiPay+ was created around the broader objective of improving efficiencies for RS Components’ customers around MRO procurement. Research has uncovered that within the MRO procurement space, soft costs around procurement have been found to be as high as double that of the actual product cost.

“RS Components is taking a whole business approach with our customer base and strategically consulting as opposed to being purely transactional”, explained Scott Philbrook, Managing Director RS Components AU/NZ. “On the back of this shift our customers are enjoying cost savings and dramatically reduced turnaround time on their industrial and electrical needs.”

Check out the FlexiPay+ guide here:

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