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Rotork releases compact pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators

Rotork Australia has launched a new range of compact pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators designed to perform in constrained space applications.

The new Rotork CQ Compact is a range of fully concentric, balanced design pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators that deliver a reliable and efficient self-contained solution for applications demanding functional integrity and safety in limited spaces.

Featuring compact dimensions in comparison with conventional scotch-yoke actuators, the CQ’s symmetrical design also presents a perfect weight balance on the valve, enabling increased efficiency for assembly and disassembly.

Rotork CQ Compact actuators feature a totally enclosed, rugged and weatherproof housing containing a helical mechanism that transforms linear piston motion into 90° (±5°) rotation for the operation of quarter-turn valves. The rotation can be optionally increased to 180°. The torque profile can be completely customised to suit individual valve requirements.

Key features of Rotork CQ Compact actuators include choice of cylinder sizes and different actuator builds for diverse applications; removable valve adaptation within the overall dimensions for maximum compactness; ability to be easily and safely disassembled to access internal parts for field maintenance; internal coatings providing enhanced corrosion protection for long-term reliability; external epoxy finishes and wide choice of seal materials available to meet requirements; and standard operating temperature range of -30°C to +100°C to suit harsh and challenging environments, with optional low temperature limit of -60°C.

CQ Compact actuators are available for single or double-acting operation with output torques up to 600,000 Nm. Pneumatic operation is available using instrument air, nitrogen or clean natural gas at 12 barg pressure, while 210 barg is recommended for hydraulic operation.

Environmental and hazardous area certifications include IP66M/IP68M, PED, ATEX, IECEx and GOST. The actuators are also suitable for SIL3 safety related duty.

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