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Rotation laser to combat theft

To combat the rise in worksite tool theft, Bosch Blue has introduced the GRL 500 HV Professional Rotation Laser with anti-theft protection. The rotation laser’s inbuilt acceleration sensor detects when it is being moved during operation (when not connected to the remote control receiver), and automatically activates an alarm and LED indicator to alert the user.

The product provides users with automatic calibration reminders for time, temperature and shock levels. Each rotation laser is also equipped with an integrated lithium-ion battery that allows simultaneous charging. The charging process takes only 20 minutes, which allows four hours of working time. Only three hours of charging is required to reach 100 per cent battery life.

The rotation laser has a ±0.05mm/m level of accuracy horizontally and a ±0.10mm/m level of accuracy vertically. It also has a high working range of 500m (diameter), a self-levelling range of 6° (10 per cent), and a rotation speed of 600rpm. Additionally, it features a robust metal protective cage that ensures one metre drop protection in any professional trade environment.

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