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Rotary screw compressors

Kaeser Compressors has launched two new versions of its CSG-2 series dry compression rotary screw compressors; the CSG-2 T with integrated refrigeration dryer and the CSG-2 RD with integrated i.HOC rotation dryer. These compressed air systems can reliably and efficiently produce clean and high quality compressed air with pressure dew points as low as -30°C, according to the company.

An integrated design, together with a generously dimensioned aluminium block heat exchanger, helps to ensure minimal pressure loss of less than 0.1 bar. The energy saving scroll refrigeration compressor helps to achieve further compressed air energy savings.

Drive powers range from 37 to 90kW and operating pressures are 4-10 bar, with flow rate up to 13.5m3/min.

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