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Rotary blowers

Kaeser has announced its BBC and FBC series of rotary blowers, which have been designed to incur minimal operating and maintenance costs and to ensure maximum reliability, according to the company. The blowers are suitable for applications such as conveying and water treatment, and come ‘ready-to-connect’. This means that the units are supplied complete with all sensors, controls and a choice of a star-delta starter or variable speed drive.

According to the company, operational reliability and uptime is significantly enhanced due to the inclusion of a blower block with Omega profile rotors, whilst adaptive compression reduces energy consumption and long bearing life minimises maintenance costs. A space-saving component layout also results in a compact footprint.

Components such as control valves and exhaust silencers, which would normally be installed externally, are integrated, according to the company. In addition, the blowers have been designed to allow all service work to be carried out from the front of the unit. With the star-delta-equipped models, this makes it possible to install several blowers side by side.

Performance parameters relevant for power performance are monitored by sensors and warning or fault signals are automatically generated accordingly. Optional communication via databus (multiple databus systems can be connected) allows operational status read out and enables the machine to be remotely controlled.


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