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Rosemount 5402 radar transmitter for demanding solids level measurement applications

Emerson Process Management announces the release of the latest version of non-contacting radar level transmitters in its Rosemount 5400 series, aimed specifically at demanding bulk solids level measurement applications.

The Rosemount 5402 high frequency 2-wire radar transmitters use Rosemount Radar Master software and unique algorithms to overcome the specific challenges of solids level measurement such as inclining or sloping surfaces, low dielectric properties and high filling rates in vessels, bins and silos.

For instance, inclining or sloping surfaces in bins or silos can deflect energy away from the radar, resulting in several small reflections. The Rosemount 5402 overcomes this using a new signal processing algorithm developed specifically to address the challenge.

For level measurement in applications involving dry solids with low dielectric properties that create very low reflections and can result in unreliable results, sensitivity is increased, noise cancelled out and echo strength increased. The measurement difficulties caused by high filling rates are met by increased sensitivity and echo traceability.

Rosemount 5402 radar transmitter’s 2-wire technology enables fast and cost effective installation by taking advantage of existing cabling, while maintaining the same high levels of data and diagnostics that would normally require 4-wire connections.

Key innovations in Rosemount 5402 radar transmitters include Dual Port Technology ensuring a strong signal back to the transmitter, advanced surface tracking, and condensation-resistant antennas for excellent reliability in demanding applications; user-friendly graphical interfaces with wizards and suggestions for application-specific configuration helping users easily integrate the transmitter into new or existing control systems; and reduced maintenance operation and advanced diagnostics, resulting in quicker ROI with overall improved uptime and enhanced safety.

The Rosemount 5402 offers connectivity to a range of communications protocols including HART, Foundation fieldbus, FISCO and Modbus. The device has ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA, CRN, Inmetro, DIBt, GOST and NEPSI approvals.

Part of Emerson’s comprehensive range of level measurement devices for many applications across a range of industries, Rosemount 5402 non-contacting radars for solids complement Emerson’s existing Rosemount 5600 4-wire non-contacting radar for solids level measurement, Rosemount 5300 Series guided wave radar for solids measurement in smaller vessels, and the recently launched Rosemount 5708 3D solids scanners, suitable for solids level and volume measurement applications in larger vessels and warehouses.

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