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Rodinia Oil Corp Receives Deed of Access to Woomera Prohibited Area

Rodinia Oil (Australia) has entered into a Deed of Access with the Australian Department of Defence that allows Rodinia to explore within the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) within PEL 81 in South Australia.

According to a media statement released by the company, the Deed of Access allows Rodinia to enter the WPA, subject to various terms and conditions in relation to notification of timing for access, people entering and notification of equipment to be used during the survey.

Rodinia has proposed more than 400 kilometres of 2D seismic within the WPA. This program will commence shortly, in conjunction with its current seismic acquisition operations outside of the WPA, but all within PELs 81 and 253.

The total proposed seismic acquisition remains unchanged and is approximately 2,200 kilometers.

To date, Rodinia has acquired some 1,040 kilometres of 2D seismic. Much of the seismic acquisition has been around Rodinia’s proposed drill targets to more specifically define the structures Rodinia will be drilling in the near future.

Rodinia is engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of world-class onshore petroleum and natural gas assets in Australia’s Officer Basin. Founded in 2006, Rodinia is one of the first companies of its kind to undertake onshore exploration in the Officer Basin and has access to large tracts of potential oil resources in the region. Rodinia has offices in Calgary, Canada and Adelaide.

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