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Rockwell buys Canadian oil and gas enterprise

Rockwell Automation Inc is expanding its dominance in the engineering space through the purchase of the majority of assets of Rutter Hinz, Inc, a Canadian-based enterprise that focuses on solutions for the manufacturing and oil and gas markets.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, United States, Rockwell Automation will keep the Rutter Hinz, Inc (RUTFF — a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rutter Inc) brand-name but this will allow the automation giant to enter the Canadian heavy industries market.

Rockwell Systems & Solutions vice president Terry Gebert said in a statement to the Associated Press that Rutter Hinz, based in Saskatoon, has annual sales of about US$35 million, however terms for the buy-out were not disclosed.

Rockwell will merge the new asset into its Systems & Solutions business unit.

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