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Rockwell Automation’s System Integrator program built on collaboration

Rockwell Automation offers a program that helps system integrators leverage the company’s technologies for the benefit of customers.

Built on the three pillars of trust, collaboration and value, Rockwell Automation’s System Integrator program is based on a pro-active relationship between Rockwell Automation, their distributor and the system integrator. The program enables system integrators to continually enhance competencies and capabilities across multiple disciplines including control, process, information, and safety.

According to Darryl Kaufmann, market access manager for Australia and New Zealand at Rockwell Automation, the unique relationship helps drive strategy as well as a technical understanding of their solutions, assisting the system integrators solve production challenges. The system integrators also have better access to Rockwell Automation’s entire Partner Network including their Encompass Partners.

While Rockwell Automation’s Recognised System Integrators are best positioned to reduce project risk when leveraging their technologies, Solutions Partners differentiate themselves with a unique and specialised capability, along with the ability to deliver across a broad geography.

Rockwell Automation offers their Recognised System Integrators and Solutions Partners the opportunity to increase market awareness, expand into new market sectors and improve technical competency and functional excellence.

Rockwell Automation acknowledges that system integrators play a particularly important role in the Australian and New Zealand region where they work in a variety of different industries. Marketing Director Mauro DelleMonache explains that Rockwell Automation’s architecture is a framework of technology that is most useful when an integrator has applied their methodologies and engineering to make the product of value to the customer. 

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