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Rockwell Automation’s ‘hands on’ automation event comes to New Zealand

New Zealand will host the global Rockwell Automation TechED event on 21-23 March 2016 at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland. 

Rockwell Automation’s TechED is a premium event for end-users, systems integrators, partners and equipment builders.  With more than 50 hands-on labs, technical sessions and discussion forums, attendees from around the country will gather to learn and be inspired by how their peers tackle day-to-day challenges.

This year’s New Zealand event offers sessions over three days, which flow from higher-level software topics and concludes with the finer points of motor control. Attendees can discover the latest techniques to efficiently deliver Manufacturing Intelligence to mobile devices and interact with the latest technology for improving manufacturing and production processes.

According to Matthew Treeby, commercial marketing manager at Rockwell Automation, “The Internet of Things is providing new prospects for industry. Converging the IT and OT worlds offers new levels of visibility and flexibility for manufacturing, but is not without risk.”

“With exclusive insights into the latest information and mobile platforms, intelligent motor control and secure networking, TechED presents an unmissable opportunity to discover how the Connected Enterprise is the future of high-performance manufacturing,” he said. 

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