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Rockwell Automation selects sole Malaysian distributor

Rockwell Automation has announced a new distribution partnership with one of the largest industrial electrical and electronics distributors in Southeast Asia, KVC Industrial Supplies (KVC), to be the sole Malaysian distributor for the automation company.

The partnership agreement, which was formalised on 1st July 2009, is part of Rockwell Automation’s limited distribution strategy to better serve its customers in both the Asia Pacific and in Malaysia, according to Control Engineering Asia.

Rockwell Automation recently streamlined its distribution model in Australia too, signing two key companies, NHP and Inaco.

Rockwell says that customers in Malaysia will be able to look forward to increased levels of service for order placement and fulfillment, inquiries, technical support and customer service. Similar to distributors in North America and other regions of the world, KVC will provide added focus and value to customer relationships.

“In choosing KVC, we selected a partner with the capability and experience to enhance our strong standing in the Asia Pacific region and position us for long-term sustainable growth,” Rockwell Automation president Asia Pacific, Keiran Coulton, told Control Engineering Asia.

“We view our partnership with KVC as a testament to our strong commitment to the region and look forward to working closely with KVC to enhance our customer loyalty and to benefit our businesses.”

KVC’s capabilities in both sales and distribution are said to complement Rockwell Automation’s Limited Distribution strategy, a critical component of its business model. The partnership is also in line with Rockwell Automation’s Growth and Performance business strategy, which consists of enhancing market access, expanding its served markets and extending its geographic reach in Asia.

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