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Rockwell Automation promotes ‘hands on’ learning event

The global Rockwell Automation TechED event (held on 28th – 30th July at the Melbourne Convention Centre) is the premier training, education and networking event of the automation world, according to the company. 

“Capital outlay budgets for new machinery are decreasing so our customers need to use software to optimise their plants- essentially they are required to ‘do more with less’ so they can remain competitive in the current market,” said Dean Tresidder, software product manager at Rockwell Automation.

“TechED will build on the success of previous years and feature ‘hands on’ labs to show how technology can be used to get the most out of your plant with asset management, data management and software tools that will benefit system integrators, machine builders and endusers alike,” he said.

Participants will experience the Rockwell Automation software suite with more than 30 different lab and discussion sessions using current products as well as new and upcoming product releases.

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