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Rockwell Automation names new Industry Solution Manager for South Pacific

Rockwell Automation appointed Paul McRoberts, Industry Solution Manager – Initiatives, South Pacific Region. His responsibilities began in January and in this role McRoberts will focus on the initiation and development of new projects, products and business by promoting the complete portfolio of Rockwell Automation Australia.

With more than 22 years of Rockwell Automation experience gained in Europe, Asia and North America, McRoberts is keen to apply his experiences and knowledge to his new role for the South Pacific region, based in Melbourne Australia.

The benefit of having a global network is quite significant. “The Rockwell Automation community has a diverse range of skills and knowledge that we can call on globally to help develop solutions to suit individual customer requirements,” said McRoberts.

Development of new products and solutions to meet the customer needs is a primary responsibility and challenge for McRoberts and his team.

“We’re developing new ranges of products out of Singapore, one of which will be the MicroLogix controllers. These controllers will be tailored for waste water solutions in Australia,” McRoberts said. “This is one example of how Rockwell Automation continues to develop products to suit their customer’s needs. It is also applicable to gas detection in coal seam applications.”

Business generation will be a major undertaking for the under-developed OEM market in Australia and New Zealand. McRoberts would like to see an increased presence of Rockwell Automation in the OEM industry in the South Pacific. “We have a team of technical consultants, engineers and project managers to help bring together the needs of OEM companies and the end user.” McRoberts said.

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