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Rockwell Automation joins up with Microsoft on mobility

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft have announced a mobility co-innovation project designed for industrial environments where a wireless network connection is not always reliable.

The co-innovation brings together leading IP technology from Microsoft’s Project Thali team, which includes JXcore from Nubisa, and complements the expanding mobile foundation toolkit from Rockwell Automation. 

The toolkit enables Rockwell Automation offerings with a consistent Web-based user interface for a specific device; tablet, smartphone or desktop, and now includes a prototype app, dubbed Project Stanton. 

“Project Stanton represents the most forward and innovative thinking in the industry when it comes to mobility and a modern, mobile-first architecture,” said Sujeet Chand, chief technology officer, Rockwell Automation. “Microsoft, Nubisa and Rockwell Automation have made significant investments to deliver unprecedented value to industrial users through innovation and leveraging computing power in mobile devices to overcome the existing boundaries and limitations in anytime, anywhere access to valuable information in an enterprise.”

“The Connected Enterprise is an imperative to face future competitiveness challenges at many levels,” said Chand. “Not only is this vision important to meet ongoing macroeconomic challenges, but it is critical for almost every type of manufacturer to drive new heights of competitive differentiation. Our co-innovation with Microsoft is one way that customers can build their Connected Enterprise.”

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