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Rockwell Automation develops new Industry Solutions team

Rockwell Automation has formed a new Industry Solutions team of professionals, designed to co-ordinate the combined resources of the company’s sales, engineering, support and product groups.

According to Rockwell Automation, the Industry Solutions team was developed to enhance the company’s commitment to customer support in the Australia and New Zealand regions.

The Industry Solutions team will be headed-up by industry solutions manager, Corrie Van Rensburg, and will comprise of experts specialising in a range of industry sectors.

The team will plays a central role in co-ordinating the combined resources of Rockwell Automation sales, engineering, support and product groups to ensure the most effective and efficient outcome for clients, according to the company.

“The primary driver is to facilitate more efficient use of specialist resources within the business, and to leverage the resources and capability to ultimately provide the most economical packaged solution to the client,” said group leader, Van Rensburg.

“The Rockwell Automation Industry Solutions team members will take a leadership role within their particular industries, attending conferences, round tables and information sessions to streamline knowledge sharing and establish business relationships.”

The team will be based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, and will form the focal point for client relationships and information flow in their vertical industries.

The team also has a mandate to support horizontal solutions, such as process automation, power and energy management, and safety.

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