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Robustel GoRugged R3000 industrial router delivers dependability

Ethernet Australia announces the latest range of industrial cellular VPN routers for remote applications.

Designed to meet the needs of remote sites where stable and secure access to the internet or company network is essential, the new Robustel GoRugged R3000 industrial cellular VPN routers feature cellular 3G/4G connectivity; primary or backup WAN port; dynamic DNS support; and modern router features including DHCP, NAT, Firewall, and DMZ. The router can also be purchased with integrated wireless access point and GPS function.

The new Robustel GoRugged R3000 industrial cellular VPN router is a small and simple device that provides reliable internet and network connectivity for remote locations where fibre or copper links are impractical. It provides vehicles with GPS and stable internet network access to a central location.

Key features and benefits of the Robustel GoRugged R3000 industrial cellular VPN routers include cellular speeds of up to 50 Mbps and coverage available from leading telecommunications companies to ensure stable connection; management commands allowed to be sent via SMS should the device lose connectivity; frequent firmware updates and support available via Robustel; bundled DHCP server, dynamic DNS and other software services included to replace or complement existing industrial networking equipment; and industry standard security features including NAT and Firewall ensuring peace of mind for remote connectivity security.

Ethernet Australia offers a wide range of industrial communications products for the oil, gas and mining; transport and infrastructure; power and water generation; and building and manufacturing automation sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

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