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Robust frequency inverter for process engineering

The NORDAC BASE – SK 180E, offers an ATEX-compliant, decentralised frequency inverter that not only allows for an economical operation but also comes in protection class IP 69K, for complete sealing of the housing. This is particularly appealing for processing applications which requires frequent high-pressure cleaning.

Recognising that many applications today do not fully utilise the immense scope of modern frequency inverters, NORD fills the gap between simple motor starters and full featured frequency inverters with its NORDAC BASE – SK 180E.

This recently launched robust inverter is specifically designed for simple applications and can be mounted (decentralised), outside a switch cabinet. The compact frequency inverter concentrates on the essential functions for pumps and conveyor technology (PI / speed control, energy saving, communication with peripherals) and results in significant savings – in both purchase and performance.

The NORDAC BASE includes power ranges up to 2.2 kW and offers easy commissioning and operation. In addition, it is flexible with regards to accessories, function, and a number of communication interfaces make it compatible with all common bus systems.

The IP 69K housing offers the ultimate protection against the ingress of dust (dust proof) and jets from high pressure water and steam cleaning. The SK 180E is designed to control synchronous and asynchronous motors. Energy-efficient operation is possible due to its energy saving function for partial load operation.

Much like all NORD frequency inverters, the NORDAC BASE comes with an integrated PLC. The intelligent drive electronics reduces the load on the higher-level system control unit and allows for a modular plant design.

The SK 180E can also be modified for operation in explosive environments; depending on the area of application (conductive or non-conductive dust), the modifications also include the replacement of the transparent diagnostic caps with a version made of aluminium and glass to allow for operation in a hazardous area.

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