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Robust connectivity with industrial cellular router

Belden has released the Magnum DX940e industrial cellular router, which adheres to NERC CIP industry standards by delivering stricter security protocols and extended flexibility for the most reliable connections over wired and wireless networks in energy facilities.

“In today’s industrial markets, data can travel farther and faster than ever before, which is why it is imperative that networks are secure and reliable so critical information can be successfully distributed. The rise in data and compliance standards, such as NERC CIP’s requirement for higher security, is putting the safeguarding of information top of mind for industrial teams,” said Divij Agarwal, product manager at Belden. “The Magnum DX940e cellular router offers robust security elements and backward compatibility across 4G/LTE wireless area networks for heightened, secure connectivity over longer distances without interruption.”

With the Magnum DX940e, teams can ensure reliable and secure data transfer across all networks by:

  • Obtaining better connectivity with a high-speed 4G/LTE cellular interface for secure remote access.
  • Leveraging high-end, robust cybersecurity mechanisms with advanced safety features, IP routing and guaranteed network protection with firewall layers.
  • Adhering to evolving industry standards with NERC CIP compliant security elements, such as SSL/TLS encryption, IPSec-VPN tunneling, Layer 3 Firewall and secure IP routing.

The DX940e is suitable for applications that require high-speed and secure data transfer remotely over long distances. The router is suited for markets that depend on a durable and reliable product that can perform even under harsh operating conditions, such as in the utility, transportation and oil and gas industries

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