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RoboJob sells CNC loading equipment locally

RoboJob, a Belgian specialist in the automatic loading and unloading of CNC-machines, has made its first sale in Australia.

In partnership with Okuma, which is selling installing and servicing RoboJob automation solutions in Australia and New Zealand, the company has sold its first Turn-Assist machine to a customer in Adelaide.

Okuma Australia and Okuma New Zealand are now selling the RoboJob Turn- and Mill-Assist Series of machines.

"We have certified the Okuma Service Team after their technical team received an extensive training at RoboJob," explained co-founder and CEO of RoboJob, Helmut De Roovere.

"Our installation specialist travelled to Melbourne this autumn, to install a Turn-Assist 250 on an Okuma CNC lathe in the showroom of Okuma Australia. That installation was performed together with the Service Team of Okuma.

“We are therefore convinced that the installation at Okuma’s customer will run as smoothly as the installation at Okuma. After all, their people have all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience that is needed."

Phil Hayes, Managing Director of Okuma Australia explained that the Adelaide customer is a technical parts supplier which specialises in high quality and very precise parts for various industries.

“Flexibility, quality and short delivery times are very important to them, which has lead them to invest in their machinery to further improve those strengths. So we will now install a Turn-Assist 250 at an Okuma LB4000 EX x 1500," he said.

Okuma Australia and Okuma New Zealand are both subsidiaries of the Okuma Corporation, based in Japan. Okuma sells and services CNC Machine Tools and is also involved in factory automation and support services.

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