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More road benefits for electric vehicles in NSW

More road benefits for electric vehicles in NSW

NSW continues to build its reputation as the top place in Australia to own and drive an electric vehicle (EV) with transit lane concessions to continue for another 12 months.

Treasurer and minister for energy Matt Kean said EVs will be permitted to drive in transit lanes until 31 October 2023.

“Allowing EVs to drive in transit lanes builds on other initiatives from the Perrottet Government to incentivise uptake including rebates, phasing out stamp duty and building a world-class charging network to support these vehicles,” Kean said.

“Through these initiatives, we have seen an 84 per cent increase in EVs in NSW since last year, the fastest growth in Australia, and we are confident this trend will continue.

“This is part of the NSW Government’s EV Strategy which is backed by a $633 million investment to accelerate the uptake of EVs and de-carbonise the state-owned vehicle fleet.”

Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward said allowing EVs to drive in transit lanes, regardless of the number of occupants, was yet another incentive for drivers to opt for vehicles of the future.

“Drivers of EVs are able to use the transit lanes to cut travel times which is another great reason to take up these vehicles in addition to the more than half a billion dollars in tax cuts and incentives being invested by the NSW Government over the next four years,” Mrs Ward said.

“EVs are an investment in our future, not only in the massive reduction in emissions, but also in savings on fuel and ongoing costs for drivers.”

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