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RMIT recognised for leading blockchain research

RMIT University has been ranked as among the world’s top universities for blockchain research by a leading provider of institutional grade cryptocurrency market data.

Kaiko, a digital assets provider, recently published its list of the top ten universities, which shows RMIT coming in third position after the University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In Kaiko’s outline of the contributions of the ten research institutions, RMIT was praised for its “cutting-edge innovation” in combining economic and technological research.

RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub, led by Professor Jason Potts, has been engaging with government, policymakers, and media to explore how blockchain could impact the regulatory and economic environment.

Publications from the multi-disciplinary research team ranged from crypto-economic business strategy, to mapping the current and future layout of the blockchain economy.

Senior Research Fellow at the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub Dr Chris Berg said the announcement was a valuable recognition.

“RMIT is doing frontier research in a frontier field,” Berg said.

“Even though blockchain is a very early stage technology, it’s already proving to have a big impact, with an enormous amount of interest from industry, government, academia, and the general public.

“I’m very proud of the research and engagement we’re doing at RMIT, it’s genuinely cutting-edge research with deep significance for the future of the global economy.”

In 2018, RMIT launched Australia’s first university short course on blockchain strategy in response to the growing importance of blockchain as an emerging industry.

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