Want to maximise energy efficiency for your enclosure cooling?

rittal's blue e

The world’s most efficient cooling unit solution from Rittal can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems. Rittal’s Blue e+ product family offers solutions for all applications and requirements.

Meet the Rittal Blue e+ family of cooling units

Thinking about how to maximise your company’s energy efficiency and significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint?

Back in 2015, Rittal launched Blue e+, the world’s most energy-efficient range of cooling units. The innovative design reduces energy consumption by an average of 75%, helping to cut costs as well as improve sustainability.

Blue e+ S now available in smaller output categories

This unique range of cooling units now includes the Blue e+ S for smaller output categories from 0.3 to 1 kW, with additional smart functions, improved sustainability and a fresh new look.

The Rittal Blue e+ S is:

  • More sustainable with a new refrigerant
  • More reliable with LED optical fibres for immediate identification of the device status
  • More flexible thanks to multi-voltage capabilities and international approvals

Learn more about the Rittal Blue e+ here.

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