Rittal’s Blue e+ cooling unit series − the ultimate in efficiency


The manufacturing world is facing increased challenges like labour shortages, material costs, transportation delays and low stocks, due to the current crisis. To add to that, is the emphasis on raising energy efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint, centring on climate solutions that simplify complex cooling needs through automation and connectivity.  

Engineered to overcome specific industry hurdles, prolong the lifespan of enclosures and electronics alike, and provide targeted and precise cooling outputs, Rittal’s energy-efficient climate control systems help companies reduce their carbon footprint and operate more effectively and efficiently thereby contributing to their business goals and the preservation of the environment. 

Rittal’s Blue e+ line of cooling units offers up to 75 per cent energy savings with innovative cooling technology via a special hybrid cooling process. The stainless-steel variants of the Blue e+ cooling unit series have been specially developed for demanding environmental conditions, where high levels of corrosion protection are needed. 

Find out more on the Blue e+ range here.

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