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RFID antenna with 200mm range and diagnostic LED

A multitude of applications with long ranges.

Just released from ifm efector, the ANT600 RFID antenna operates in the 13.56 MHz range with extended 200mm sensing range. Diagnostic and display LED’s along with adjustable transmitting power ensure easy set up and optimisation.

Connectivity to Ethernet IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, Profibus or Ethernet TCP/IP is facilitated using the DTE10x compact evaluation unit. The DTE10x is a robust IP67 module designed for harsh industrial environments, with the facility to connect up to four RFID antennae via M12 connectors. Optionally, unused ports can also be used for the control of outputs or the monitoring of digital input signals.

The ANT600 is ideally suited to many applications due to its long read / write distances.  Typical applications include product tracking in the production process where the ANT600 may be used for storing production data or quality parameters on the ID tags. In material logistics, the RFID system can easily determine whether the material and quantity of material match the production order.  In plant control, product-specific machine parameters can be read from the ID tag attached to the product.

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