Revolutionising fluid control with energy-saving solenoid valves

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and industrial automation, the quest for efficiency and sustainability is relentless. Bürkert, a trusted name in fluid control solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in the form of solenoid valves with energy-saving “kick and drop” coils.

These remarkable devices are poised to transform the way industries manage fluid control while delivering significant cost and energy savings.

The Energy-Saving Advantage

At the heart of Bürkert’s solenoid valves lies a patented “kick and drop” coil technology. This innovation allows the solenoid valve to consume maximum power required to operate the valve and then drop to lower power required to hold the position, reducing energy usage and, consequently, operating costs as well as maintaining the failsafe close with loss of power. Unlike traditional solenoid valves, which maintain a continuous coil power draw, Bürkert’s energy-saving solenoid valves strike a perfect balance between performance and efficiency.

By adopting Bürkert’s solenoid valves, industries can expect a substantial reduction in their energy bills, up to 80% savings, making a significant contribution to their bottom line. These valves are engineered with the future in mind, aligning perfectly with the global driver towards sustainability and reduced carbon footprints.

In addition to energy savings, Bürkert’s solenoid valves offer unparalleled cost-efficiency benefits. With their robust design and reduced maintenance requirements, these valves promise a longer service life and a lower total cost of ownership. Industries can achieve a competitive edge by optimising their processes and enhancing the reliability of their fluid control systems.

This specific valve range is also available in a wide range of configurations, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into diverse applications. Whether it’s controlling the flow of liquids, gases, or steam, these valves excel in precision and versatility. With options suitable for aggressive media or high-pressure conditions, you can trust Bürkert to meet your specific needs.

Bürkert’s solenoid valves with energy-saving “kick and drop” coils are a game-changer for industries seeking to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. With their cost-efficiency, precision, and versatility, these valves offer a winning combination. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this engineering revolution. Explore Burkert’s solenoid valve selection and start optimising your fluid control systems for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Are you ready to embrace a more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly approach to fluid control? Discover Bürkert’s full range of solenoid valves and find the perfect fit for your application by visiting www.burkert.com.au/en/products/solenoid-valves.

Take the first step towards a greener and more cost-effective future. Upgrade your fluid control systems with Bürkert’s kick and drop solenoid valves today.

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