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Resources and Energy Minister to act on oil & gas safety concerns

The Minister for Resources and Energy has announced that the government will act quickly to review a safety regulation of the upstream oil and gas sector from the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority.

Speaking at the 2009 Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) National Oil and Gas Safety Conference in Perth this week, Minister Martin Ferguson AM MP outlined a program of regulatory reform in response to recent reviews of the upstream sector, along with the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority’s independent review.

The Minister said he would act quickly on recommendations to reduce regulatory impediments to growth and investment, including reviewing issues on safety.

APPEA chief executive, Belinda Robinson, said that despite Australia’s upstream oil and gas industry being strong in safety, there is room for “considerable improvement.”

“Our people operate in volatile and high risk environments. Safety consciousness, awareness and practical programs are at the forefront of our companies’ operational priorities,” she said.

“This is why the industry has embarked on a series of industry wide initiatives, in addition to each company’s own activities, including ‘Stand Together for Safety’ and common safety training.

“The industry agrees with the Minister that reviews such as the recently released Offshore Petroleum Regulatory Inquiry reports: Better Practice and the Effectiveness of NOPSA and Marine Issues, provides an opportunity to implement improvements.”

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