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Partnership between Bosch and Bühler: food and the IoT

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions and Bühler, two businesses that focus on the IoT and food industry respectively, are joining forces. The companies have decided to expand their research and development partnership. According to the companies, the cooperation provides great opportunities to leverage Bosch know-how in electronics, sensor technology and software around the IoT for the food processing industry. 

The two companies have cooperated in a two-year research project to integrate Bosch MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) sensors into food production technology. According to the companies, the results are very promising: individual rolls in rotating machines can now be equipped with wireless sensors to measure in real time temperature and vibration during the production process. This allows monitoring and optimisation of the end product through better alignment of the rolls. Operators also benefit from predictive maintenance services, reducing down-time and operating costs, according to the companies.

The first applications from this intensified cooperation will be launched in 2017.

“Following our successful R&D partnership, we are pleased to take the next step to form a commercial partnership. We are excited to utilise this partnership to create process solutions and services that improve yield performance at reduced operating costs for our customers,” said Johannes Wick, CEO of Grains and Food at Bühler. 

“We are actively seeking to work with partners like Bühler to build a value creation network beyond company boundaries and turn Industry 4.0 into a reality,” added Thorsten Müller, CEO of Bosch. 


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