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Report addresses leak testing for flexible manufacturing

When it comes to leak testing, modern manufacturing requires flexible and fail safe systems, which is the topic of a new design report from InterTech Development Company.

Automotive, industrial and medical applications are renowned for the use of flexible automation such as robots and machine vision for improved time-to-market and quality; however, some parts just cannot ship without leak testing.

President Jacques Hoffmann of InterTech Development Company comments, “When it comes to quality control, the last thing you want is a bottleneck in leak testing. That is why it is so important to have quick-change technology; there is no substitute for built-in adaptability in your leak testing systems and instruments to ensure on time production and delivery.”

Another key concern is traceability. This means leak-testing technology must be easy to integrate with standard bar code readers and have Ethernet capability.

As highlighted in the InterTech design report (DR-131), other considerations for investment include multi-functional instruments that double as fixture controls.

DR-131 addresses:

  • Leak testing for fast throughput, short runs and part variety
  • Quality control technology for current and future products
  • Error proof design for quick-change fixtures and instruments
  • Ethernet capability and ability to change and customise test sequences

DR-131 is available free, email Gerald Sim.

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