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Rent the ppbRAE 3000 portable handheld VOC monitors from TechRentals

Test and measurement equipment
specialist TechRentals presents the new ppbRAE 3000 portable handheld VOC monitors
from RAE Systems.

The ppbRAE 3000 is a Volatile
Organic Compound (VOC) monitor with data logging functionality, and is suitable
for use in applications involving the oil and gas, industrial safety, air
quality, HazMat and military sectors.

The portable VOC monitors utilise
a Photoionisation Detector (PID) with a 10.6 eV UV-discharge lamp. Featuring integrated
correction factors for 220 compounds, ppbRAE 3000 offers humidity compensation
with integral humidity and temperature sensors.

Key features of ppbRAE 3000 VOC
monitors include measurement range from 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm with best in class
linearity; sensor and lamp auto-cleaning; 3s response time; and waterproof IP67

A wide range of test and
measurement equipment can be rented from TechRentals for a day, a month, a year
or more.

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