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Remote video inspection in the palm of your hand

The Series C videoscope is designed to provide quick and easy inspections in difficult-to-reach areas. 

One feature of the Series C is its advanced image processors that can operate in much lower light levels than its competitors and resolve the finest detail such as corrosion, burrs and small defects or cracks. 

The videoscope combines Olympus’ optical and precision device expertise to allow an operator to inspect areas that have access ports down to 6.2mm and captures the clearest possible image by combining eight brightness settings, glare reduction, high intensity LED and light sensitive CCD camera chip technologies. The carrying case holds everything needed for the majority of inspection projects.

This latest unit yields rapid return on investment for customers by maximising operational availability. Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of either the right or left hand and weighing less than a kilogram, the portability, durable construction and ease-of-use means that the Series C can be used for remote inspections for the full 120 minute battery life, and even longer when connected to mains power. 

Olympus’ entry-level videoscope provides exceptional articulation, durability and great optics to get the image needed. The instrument is built for use anywhere and packed with features usually reserved for more expensive units. 

Designed for long product life, a Series C unit features an abrasion-resistant insertion tube with a tungsten outer braid. The proprietary spring neck design of the distal end reduces stress when navigating through tight bends. The protective cap on the distal end can easily be replaced resulting in more inspections being done with minimum downtime.

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