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Remote Queensland communities to save big with solar

Four remote Queensland communities are set to save $3 million per year by cutting 1.5 million litres of diesel and switching to using renewables such as solar and battery storage. The projects will also create direct and indirect jobs in these communities, as part of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

The Queensland State Government’s 2023-24 Budget is delivering $28 million to take Boulia, Burketown, Doomadgee and Windorah off expensive fossil-fuelled power.

Announced at the Palaszczuk Government’s Regional Community Forum in Boulia, the projects will also deliver significant environmental benefits from reduced emissions.

These four projects, delivered under the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, are a concrete demonstration of the benefits of the transition to clean energy, and proof of the direct investments being made in some the state’s most remote areas.

“While these new solar farms might be small in size comparative to the Queensland SuperGrid, the benefit of them to these remote communities is incredibly valuable,” said Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Road, Mark Bailey.

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