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Remote control and monitoring of automation

RS Components (RS), has announced availability of the new groov Box industrial appliance, which enables maintenance engineers, facility and automation managers, as well as service companies, to easily and securely monitor and control just about any automation system or equipment from devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs or smart TVs.

Developed by Opto 22, groov is a web-based way to build and view operator interfaces to monitor and control automation systems and equipment, and requires zero programming or coding. 

It allows access to system data from anywhere a network is available and also allows users to receive real-time notifications based on configurable events. The groov system is also secure, as all communications are encrypted over HTTPS and all connections need to be authenticated with username and password.
Developed as an Internet of Things tool for the Industry 4.0 paradigm for smart factories, the groov Box is a hardware/software solution that means that a PC is not required on site and is therefore ideal for deployment in manufacturing and automation facilities or remote sites where there are very low levels of IT equipment or infrastructure in place. 

The appliance has a rugged and solid-state fan-less design, operating across a 0 to 70° C temperature range, which makes it well suited for deployment in harsh industrial environments. Offering a compact footprint with dimensions of just 106 x 171 x 33mm, the groov Box also features gigabit Ethernet interfaces and USB expansion for wireless LAN interfaces.
In addition to the groov Box appliance, groov is also available via software download: groov Server for Windows has a small software footprint for use on Windows-based PCs and is ideal for facilities with PCs or an IT infrastructure. The groov system can be connected to Modbus/TCP devices and Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers directly, or to devices from other manufacturers through an OPC-UA server, allowing easy and simple monitoring and control of PLCs and SCADA systems.
Featuring a drag-and-drop interface, groov requires only a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to enable the building and viewing of mobile operator interfaces. 

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