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Reliable level technology for ship loader protection

A ship loader at a large coal export terminal required reliable, all weather operator warning of potential collisions and automatic controls able to stop machine drives safely before a collision could occur, and called on Hawk Measurement Systems to develop a solution.

Continued operation was required very close to objects presenting a collision risk, such as cranes, hatch covers, bridge structures etc.

An array of Sultan Acoustic Wave sensors from Hawk Measurement Systems were positioned at intervals along the boom detect approaching targets before they become hazardous. Sensor beans overlap so full coverage is achieved.

At a selected distance from any target, a proximity warning is generated by the control system to the operator, and the drive speed of the machine is reduced. Normal loading can continue at the safer reduced travel speed.

Closer to the boom, a line of protection is formed by a Gladiator Series Microwave Barrier Switch. If any object breaks the line between sender and receiver at such a close distance, then the machine is immediately stopped from continuing toward the hazard by control system and a collision is avoided.

Sensors are made of powder coated mild steel of stainless steel for marine environments.

Hawk is a worldwide provider of level, position and flow measurement, providing equipment to the global industrial market. The company has 30 years of experience in the mining/mineral processing, water supply/waste water, bulk material handling and chemical industries.

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