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Registration scheme introduced for engineers in Victoria

The Victorian State Government will be introducing a mandatory registration scheme for engineers, which according to them, will be giving Victorian engineers an edge.

The new scheme will ensure highly-qualified and experienced engineers develop and oversee the State’s most important projects – including the Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel and the Level Crossing Removal Project.

It will bolster the Labor Government’s focus on infrastructure, which includes the establishment of Infrastructure Victoria and Office of Projects Victoria, the appointment of the chief engineer and the biggest infrastructure pipeline in the state’s history.

Despite the complex nature of engineering work and the pivotal role engineers play in ensuring public safety, many engineers are not currently required to hold a formal registration or a licence as lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects and teachers are.

The registration scheme will give Victorian engineers an edge when they are competing in the global marketplace by complying with internationally-recognised professional benchmarks.

The Government will continue to work closely with the engineering industry, in a co-regulatory arrangement, to successfully implement the scheme, with an extensive transition period to ensure there is no disruption to engineers or businesses.

Treasurer Tim Pallas said, “This scheme will give Victorians greater confidence in local engineering services, knowing they comply with well-established industry benchmarks. We’re boosting standards in our engineering industry so we can continue to build the infrastructure projects Victorians need, create jobs and boost our economy.”

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