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Register now: Thermography & mining seminars

Fluke Australia and RS Components are holding a series of thermography and mining courses throughout November, including a ‘Level 1 Thermography’ course and ‘Thermography in Mining’, both held in conjunction with Snell Group.

The Level 1 Thermography course is a four-day event from 10th to 13th November in Sydney. Designed as a hands-on application instruction course in the use of thermographic imaging equipment, the seminar focuses on the applications relevant to the inspection needs of the attendees, especially inspections of electrical and mechanical systems, according to Fluke.

The course will discuss approaches to production and process-related problems, and a general background in solving thermal problems.

After successful completion, attendees will receive accreditation to ANST level 1 Thermography. Participants will also gain an understanding of the basic heat theory necessary for all thermal work; information about how to best utilise the imaging equipment they have; and ideas about how better to employ the equipment to perform surveys.

The training will consist of classroom lectures, group discussions and demonstrations for a small group of up to twenty (20) people. Materials prepared especially for instruction in maintenance thermography will be used.

The Thermography in Mining course is an interactive seminar focusing purely on thermography principles and issues specific to the mining industry.

Attendees will discuss the use of thermography and its principles; including IR principles and its pit-falls, emmissivity, reflections, convection, heat transfer and how your equipment and its surroundings can affect your readings; establishing effective inspection routine in both electrical and non-electrical that can lead to generating useful reports, reducing your fire risk, extend your equipments life and increase your ROI; and explore case studies where the use of Thermography in mining is the basis to improve your business through effective electrical and mechanical condition monitoring.

This on-day course will be held in three different locations, giving a wider audience the chance to attend. The Newcastle stream will be held on 17th November; Brisbane on 18th November; and Perth on 19th November.

To find out more information on the Snell Thermography courses and seminars, contact the Fluke Sales Team on 02 8850 3333.

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