Reduce time required to connect industrial applications to the DeltaV distributed control system

Emerson Process Management, working with MYNAH Technologies, has expanded customers’ network possibilities and application options by adding PROFINET protocol abilities to the DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) — further opening plant-floor integration to DeltaV users.

The addition of PROFINET saves DeltaV users time and effort by enabling direct connection between the DeltaV DCS and plant floor devices such as motor control centers, variable speed drives, and PLCs in process automation businesses. Taking advantage of PROFINET, users do not need to use a protocol converter to connect to the system.

PROFINET joins a wide range of DeltaV Ethernet-based protocols, such as Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP. The new capability is easily added to the system via both M-series and S-series Virtual I/O Module 2 (VIM2) interfaces.

The PROFINET driver supports simplex VIM2 modules deployed with standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network equipment. For enhanced reliability and availability, simplex VIM2 modules can be deployed with an external switch that handles media redundancy network topology via Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) and also behaves as the ring master.

Saving time and increasing safety, the VIM2 interface and firewall function allow a high level of access without sacrificing control system security and integrity. The VIM2-based PROFINET architecture enables users to optimize expansion activities or perform maintenance operations on applications in remote locations using a laptop with vendor-specific diagnostic tools — all while constantly monitoring applications from a centralized network.

“PROFINET is a growing bus protocol choice in process industries,” said Emerson Process Management’s chief strategic officer Peter Zornio. “The DeltaV system has a strong history of interconnection to busses of all types with seamless information integration for end users. MYNAH has been a great partner in attaining this achievement, and the addition of PROFINET will help our customers reduce their integration costs.”

“We are excited to work with Emerson to bring this technology to DeltaV users worldwide,” said Nobin William, vice president of technology at MYNAH.  “The VIM2 Industrial Ethernet driver product family provides cost-effective, high-performance integration between DeltaV and an incredible number of plant floor devices. The PROFINET driver extends this integration capability to new markets and new users.”

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