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RedFox allows users to build secure networks

Westermo has just released two new models to add to its most advanced series of industrial routing switches, RedFox Industrial.

The new additions to the RedFox family – RFI 6-F4G (a model with 6 ports, of which 4 with Gigabit speed) and RFI 10-F4G-T4G (a model with 10 ports, of which 8 with Gigabit speed) – open up opportunities for new applications.

A single RedFox allows the end user to build cost effective, secure and reliable networks that would previously have required several different units. The feature-rich firmware and highly specified hardware provide flexibility and enhanced performance when building complex networks.

With its powerful hardware, high processing power and Westermo’s extensive transceiver selection, the RedFox can deliver flexible high-speed Ethernet.

Regardless of the RedFox product, the units are always delivered with the latest version of WeOS. This means that RedFox is equipped to meet the requirements of current and future industrial networks.

The products are available from Westermo’s Australian distributor, Madison Technologies.

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