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Redflow starts making first battery components at Thai factory

Australian battery company Redflow Limited has successfully started manufacturing core components for its zinc-bromine flow batteries at its new production facility in Thailand.

During the past week, Redflow began producing electrode inserts made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic on the production line at the factory in the Hemaraj industrial estate, south east of Bangkok. The electrode inserts – produced from custom-made highly conductive plastic, use a bipolar design to enable a zinc-plating reaction on one side and a bromine reaction on the other.

Redflow CEO Richard Aird said production of the first components was going according to plan, as outlined last month at the company’s Annual General Meeting in Brisbane. “We remain on track to produce full battery stacks from our Thai factory next month,” he said.

“These electrode inserts are critical components in our zinc-bromine flow battery stack, enabling the plating of zinc on one surface of the insert while the battery is charging. This component contains a significant amount of Redflow IP (Intellectual Property), so we’re making sure these inserts are produced to our standard before progressively qualifying additional battery components.”

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