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Redarc releases battery management system and gauges for vehicles

Specialist South Australian electronics firm Redarc Electronics announces the release of two new products for vehicles.

REDARC’s new products include the Manager30, a battery management system incorporating five separate functions; and a range of unique LCD/LED technology gauges for monitoring battery status as well as engine function.

The Manager30 is a next-generation battery management system designed to meet the increasing demand for electrical powered equipment by owners of recreational vehicles. The new products are aimed at caravan, camper trailer or 4WD enthusiasts who rely on battery power and have dual battery setups.

REDARC recently won the 2014 Telstra Australian Business of the Year, an honour Managing Director Mr Anthony Kittel attributes to the company’s commitment to innovation.

Manager30 battery management system

An enhancement of REDARC’s BMS 1215 but rated at 30 amps, the new Manager30 provides more rapid battery charging and power, enabling auxiliary batteries to be charged from the vehicle while it is running from a 240 volt mains power point, or from solar panels. The Manager30 also functions as a battery isolator and includes a monitor to provide battery information and charge status.

Uniquely designed to power share, Manager30 will accept charge from multiple sources simultaneously; if solar is available, it will charge the battery from that source first, followed by AC (mains power) and then DC power.


REDARC’s range of 52mm gauges offers dual or triple functionality, uses unique LCD/LED technology and combines needle point and digital display on one dial. Used to monitor battery status (voltage and current), oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, boost/vacuum and a range of temperature applications such as outside, cabin, oil, coolant and fridge temperatures, the gauges are available in a choice of 12 variants, each supplied with custom backlit colours, optional sensors, and programmable alert levels.

REDARC gauges place all necessary information in clear view, enabling the monitoring of key vehicle functions.

REDARC designs, develops and manufactures a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products including inverters, battery chargers, power supplies, turbo timers, glow plug timers, trailer braking products and customised electronic modules. 

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