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Redarc Electronics announces strategic partnership with Defa

Redarc Electronics has announced a new strategic partnership with Defa, a Norwegian company that provides a range of products and services centred around charging, pre-heating, electric vehicle charging solutions and security of vehicles.

The strategic partnership brings together two family-owned organisations who share similar values and synergies as well as comprehensive product portfolios centred around charging and power supply solutions for vehicles.

The Redarc and Defa partnership is an example of collaboration between two leading innovators in vehicular and portable power technology.

With both companies firmly established in their respective regions, the strategic partnership will allow both Redarc and Defa to cover a wider scope and scale in the future, contributing their resources to support, promote and introduce new cutting-edge technology to their regions.

Redarc managing director Anthony Kittel said Redarc and Defa share common values including a focus on continuous improvement, perpetual innovation and most importantly a drive to deliver great products of the highest quality.

“Global organisations like Redarc and Defa are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their product offering and customer-centric solutions.

“In recent years we have seen an enhancement in technology in vehicles and the various systems and accessories linked to them. At Redarc we see it as our responsibility to invest in technologies that set the standard and that ultimately benefit our customers,’ said Kittel.

“We feel that Redarc and Defa have complementary product portfolios which have the potential to add value to our organizations through collaboration, we look forward to building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with Defa.”

Speaking of the partnership Bård Klungseth, CEO of Defa Group said the goal is to develop and manufacture products which set the standard in terms of quality, simplicity, efficiency and safety.

“Like Redarc, we always seek excellence across every aspect of our business. Redarc’s diverse portfolio delivers market-leading and functional products which complements our own capabilities within this sector.

“We are pleased to be partnered with a like-minded and similar organisation,” said Klungseth.

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