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Red Hat launches virtual training program

Red Hat has announced the launch of its Virtual Training Program for Asia Pacific to help bring online training and real-time courses on Red Hat technologies to customers, partners, and IT professionals. 

The goal of this new initiative is to make access to training on Red Hat’s open source technology simple and quick, helping to eliminate the limitations of having to travel training in a single location and train more people on Red Hat technologies, to help prepare participants to meet the requirements for Red Hat certification. 

Users may choose from a wide gamut of remote courses in Red Hat’s products and solutions for operating system management, administration, application integration and maximisation, virtualisation, hybrid cloud development, and more. 

The courses are currently available in English for Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Hong Kong and India. Next year, virtual training courses are planned to be available in Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese for Japan, Korea and China markets. 

To access the virtual training, participants need only to easily install a program on their computers. After completing courses, participants can visit the offices of a Red Hat authorised training partner in their country to sit for Red Hat certification exams. Red Hat also offers an online compatibility testing tool so students can test their systems to make sure their systems and Internet access meet the requirements to have a good classroom and lab experience. 

Red Hat is also offering a special launch discount of 25 per cent in Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Hong Kong and India for all students who attend Red Hat's virtual training from December 2015 to February 2016. 

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